online personal training:

all of the benefits of personal training, delivered anywhere you are, anytime you want.

we believe that a transformation is for anyone. online personal training makes it more affordable than ever.

Regardless of your location, experience or access to equipment, we create customized online training programs designed to reach your individual goals.

That's why we built our own Online Training Center.

We took everything we know about personal training & replicated the processes to create exceptional online personal training experiences.

We included everything you need to be successful:

virtual assessments & progress tracking, plus individual workout tracking & compliance & accountability triggers.

We integrated ZOOM video technology with realtime booking and Calendar sync, bringing our trainers to you, anywhere, any time while making scheduling a breeze.

Then, we made it affordable.

Every online training subscription includes: 

Finally, we made online personal training scalable.

Want more than 1 check-in per week? You can do that.

Maybe you’d like a LIVE 1 hour ZOOM session with your trainer every Wednesday at 7am. You can do that.

How to start Online Personal Training

Become a Member

Claiming your Recking Crew membership is fast, easy and  free. 

You’ll have access to the Online Training Center and some complimentary goodies so you can try us on for size with no obligation.

Online personal training
we keep you on track to start and keep healthy habits

Commit to your success.

Purchase an Online Personal Training subscription that suits your needs.

Within an hour or two, your trainer will reach out to schedule a 40 minute Live Virtual Fitness Assessment via ZOOM. You will be required to perform some basic exercises during this assessment. An open area of 5′ x 8′ is ideal. If you’re unsure about space, don’t worry. We can do a quick ZOOM tour of your space and recommend camera placement etc.

Program Design

Next, your trainer designs a custom program based on your age; level of experience; health & physical limitations; equipment & gym availability, and the big one: your unique fitness goals. Your custom program will be available to you typically within a few hours of completing your Virtual Assessment.

online personal training center
virtual coaching

Virtual Coaching

We include instruction & coaching tips to achieve proper form and technique for each exercise we prescribe. 

For clients struggling with an exercise, a squat for example, are encouraged to submit their exercise video for review & receive coaching feedback & direction from their trainer.

Optionally, if you’d like to train hard & push your performance, full hour Live Video sessions with your personal trainer via ZOOM can be booked separately. It’s as close to your trainer being there as it gets! We’ll be checking & correcting your form, tempo & RPE while cueing in real time, just as if we were standing there with you in person. 

We’ll also be there to motivate you; pushing you to hit that last rep of that last set…  bringing your goal one step closer to home.


You will be asked, just like in person coaching, to provide data that we use to track your progress across several KPIs.

The data you provide during your workouts for example (reps & sets completed, load used and RPE) and then weekly via our Bio Feedback questionnaire, allows us to monitor and assess size & strength changes, performance (per exercise and overall), program compliance (are you even showing up), nutrition, sleep and if you actually like the workouts. 

When you’re not checking in for your workouts, not tracking exercise metrics, or simply showing downward trends’ in performance & engagement, we know. And that’s where we step up, kick you in the pants a little, but not too hard, and get you back on track!